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GROW West Memphis Review Draft Completed!

The work of West Memphis’ planning economic staff, planning team, Focus Group and city at large together have completed a review draft of GROW West Memphis 2040. The review draft can be found at the following link:

GROW West Memphis 2040 Review Draft

You are invited to review the work and provide feedback and comment though this project web site or by contacting the City of West Memphis. Final steps, after review, will include adoption followed by initial implementation actions.

IMG_8755Overview of the GROW West Memphis Process

The City of West Memphis commissioned the development of a new city plan in May of 2018 and named the initiative GROW West Memphis 2040. The creation of the plan is being be carried out by West Memphians and facilitated by the planning team of Orion Planning + Design (www.orionplanningdesign.com), TichlerBise (www.tischlerbise.com), Alta Planning+Design (www.altaplanning.com) and Looney Ricks Kiss Architects (www.lrk.com).

GROW West Memphis 2040 addresses the future by:

  • Studying and understanding West Memphis’s current conditions including population, growth prospects, economy, natural environment, development patterns, attractiveness, preservation and mobility;
  • Establishing an inspiring vision of West Memphis’s future and establishing planning principles and goals to achieve it;
  • Developing the blueprint to achieve that future; and
  • Creating practical public and private implementation strategies and actions that will advance the City towards its desired future.