Direction – 2040 Vision for West Memphis

IMG_7813Grow West Memphis is guided by a planning focus group of about 40 citizens. The group will meet a number of times over the course of plan development to review work and to set vision.

Focus Group Meeting #1 – 7.31.18

The first focus group meeting was held on July 31 to begin setting the Grow West Memphis direction and vision. The meeting resulted in very positive initial vision casting. Click the links below for additional information.

GROW West Memphis – FG Meeting #1 (7.31.18)

Results of GROW WM Focus Group Meeting Exercise Results 7.31.18

Focus Group Meeting #2 – 10.9.18

The second focus group meeting explored two growth scenarios for West Memphis. Participants were divided into groups and ask to plan for the city if it met its economic development goals and grew rapidly or, in the alternative, plan for the city if meeting economic development goals were slower in being met. Outcomes were then aggregated and mapped to provide direction for focus group meeting #3 at which conceptual plans for West Memphis were developed.

Focus Group Meeting #3 -12.11.18

Driven by West Memphis Vision, the third meeting of the focus group concentrated on designing the future of West Memphis.

Focus Group Meeting #4 -3.21.19

The forth Focus Group meeting reviewed the work from all previous meeting and served as a workshop on implementation. The review draft of GROW West Memphis 2040 is located here:

GROW West Memphis Review Draft.

Vision Image.png

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