Process and Schedule

Successful comprehensive growth and development planning is a methodical process that results in real and measurable results for a community. The image below illustrates the approach to Grow West Memphis. Each step is further described below.


DISCOVERY – Revealing, insightful, and accurate discovery, research, and analysis

Community discovery forms the basis on which the planning process is built. Discovery analysis includes both quantitative and qualitative analysis of developmental dynamics. Specific subjects include development history, land use and build-out, natural environment, economics, community appearance and design, mobility, housing and infrastructure.

DIRECTION – Positive participatory community engagement and visioning

Based on the results of the discovery process, West Memphis’s vision of itself into the future will be developed in close partnership with the community. Direction will be developed from both public and private sectors through input from key groups and stakeholders as well as City leadership. Community engagement will be conducted throughout the planning process. A detailed focus group workshop will produce an overall direction and concept plan for West Memphis.

DESIGN AND PLANNING – Inspired, community-driven design excellence

After consensus on a concept plan is reached, a detailed comprehensive plan can be developed. Preliminary planning and design ideas will be fully articulated into an actionable plan. Elements will include future development patterns and place types, design of key community focus areas, design of future mobility systems, provisions for the natural environment, other infrastructure considerations and any other applicable planning elements that may emerge during the planning process.

West Memphis is a major part of the overall metro area and the plan will build on its assets in a distinctly positive way. In advancing West Memphis’s livability and desirability, the plan will address housing affordability and opportunity, coordinate future land use and character with emphasis on key focal areas such as Big River Crossing and the Delta Heritage Trail.

The plan will create an updated vision that strategically incorporates economic development tactics into the planning process including specific opportunities related to industrial sites, targeted industries and Act 685. It will be aimed at encouraging innovative design rather than counterproductive regulatory restraints. Connectivity for development along the I-40 and I-55 corridor with the other parts of the city will be addressed, along with the unique challenges and opportunities along Broadway and its potential for mixed-use development.

IMPLEMENTATION – Clear, practical, and achievable implementation programming

To conclude the planning process an implementation strategy for the West Memphis plan will be developed. We typically organize implementation into the categories of policies, projects and management. The process will result in specific strategies and actions for each of these categories that lists not just the ‘what’ but also the ‘who, when, and how’ of moving plan provisions to reality. Implementation is presented in a way that can be managed, measured, and tracked for progress. Benchmarks and milestones are provided to assist in this process.

For West Memphis particular attention will be given to assessing the City’s current plan implementation strategies, land development regulations, and development-related processes to better understand the types of implementation actions needed and the steps it will take to get started. We will also include a list of catalytic projects intended to have strategic impact far beyond the project itself.

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